In 2012, driven by their love of fresh food, farmer's markets, and the comforting Italian meals they grew up eating, Tina and Eric started the Close To Home Pasta Company.

Eating great pasta was something that had been passed down through the generations in both of their families; however, making great pasta, has its varied opinions and secrets on what makes it best.  Tina and Eric took bits of wisdom from their family recipes, and all of their passion for good food, and set out to craft a high quality pasta for everyday meals.  Through lots of hard work, hours and hours spent in the kitchen, and a lot of laughter and joy, the recipes and ethos of Close to Home came to be.

For five years now, we've been sharing our passion and our pasta with the people of San Diego at farmer's markets throughout the county. We're excited that we will soon be able to share our pasta with everyone.

Close To Home pasta will begin selling in grocery stores  Spring 2018.

Out of this world delicious. Never going back to store bought dry pasta.
— Chantel Powell